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More people attend live theatre than football. Arts partnerships can enable your business to meet objectives in brand development, sales, corporate communications, cause-related marketing and social responsibility programmes involving your employees and the local community.

Working with the arts can help your business go to the heart of what it means to be an active corporate citizen.



As Stardreams Musical Theatre Company prepares to stage another exciting production, we would like to extend an invitation to you to join us in a partnership that will benefit your company in a number of ways.


The company is a professionally run organisation which stages two productions a year and gives young people a chance to participate in the development of professional quality musical theatre. Our past productions have a history of being smash hit shows, and consistently play to very good houses.


Individuals and local businesses that support our company will form a significant part of what will, in turn, make us one of the most successful companies in the area, and one of the most successful performance opportunities in South Wales. By joining with us, your company will be affiliated with our devotion to quality, creativity, passion, and the arts. 



Your association with us will allow your business direct access to all of our talented stars and other theatre-goers through our various forms of advertising, such as posters, flyers, promotional events, in-house advertisements and programmes.

Through our professionally printed promotional materials, your business can reach new audiences, will not only position your business as a support of the arts, but will also further brand awareness to the community.

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