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Stardreams Musical Theatre Company is the dream of Robert Edmunds. Our passion is educating people of all ages and walks of life throughout Wales in acting, song and dance and involving them in all aspects of the very best theatrical productions, both on stage and behind the scenes. 


The key to what we do is knowledge, creativity, encouragement, but most of all fun - all in a totally safe environment. 


Everyone that joins Stardreams takes away something new from each and every rehearsal. Something they can use in a career in the performing arts industry and in their everyday lives. Our theatre company belongs to everyone, which means everyone is welcome, and everyone is valued, irrespective of their theatrical education or background.


What sets us apart from other theatre companies is our inclusive creative process. We work in a way that values all our members as equals. We believe in the power of our method. Seeing is believing. Why not come and see what we do.

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